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essays on the role of youth in society during natural calamities

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Youth is a great asset of any country, they are the future of the country and they represent it at every level. The role of youth is more important in building our nation. Youth will take the country on the path to success. Like every citizen of our country should be responsible, every Youth should be responsible for their country. Youth are the building blocks of the country. Youth can bring improvement to society. The nation wants their participation in every field because they are the future of our nation. Today youths can be our partners but who knows what they will be in the future, they can become leaders as they have the ability to become leaders. They have the ability to learn new things about their environment and society. Similarly, they are willing to learn and adapt things that can help them to achieve their goals. Every youth is responsible for bringing social reforms within a country because they can determine the future of the nation. As youth plays a vital role in building our country towards progress. Their zeal and enthusiasm help us to achieve their goals for their Country and make their country forward. Youth has the power to make a country strong and they must give them an opportunity. There are many ways in which we can help the youth of our country to achieve their goals. The government must introduce programs that will help in fighting the issues like unemployment, poor education to help them prosper without any interruptions. Citizens must make sure to increase the morale of our youths as they also need motivation and if they lack zeal they will lose their spark. So make sure to encourage the youth and give them an opportunity to open their wings to fly instead of bringing them down by tying chains with their wings.

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Deependra Verma

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