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Explain how alagu and jumman maintained their dignity as judges in both the cases.

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This story is all about two friends Jumman sheikh and Algu Chaudhary, they are good friends in their Childhood days. Algu is famous for the wealth in the village and on the other hand Jumman Sheikh is popular for Knowledge and Wisdom. Both of them are helping the people of villages because they help many folks in the village and they are looking up for more help. In an interesting turn of events, the people of villages decided to make both of them Judges in the village Panchayat. In this story, destiny plays an interesting twist and on the request of Jumman’s Aunty Algu Chaudhary gives her verdict against his childhood friend and this shows the anger in the Jumman Sheikh’s heart. After some time Jumman Sheikh became the judge against his childhood friend. 

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