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find the members of the team ACPTU ACPTD APUDE APUTS

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The statement is -

There are five mean A, B, C, D, E and six women P, QQ R, S, T, U. A, B, R are artists. C, D, P, Q, S are designers and the rest are trainers. Some teams are to be selected from these eleven persons subject to following conditions-

1. A,P,U have to be together.

2. B cannot go with D, R.

3. E and Q have to be together.

4. C and T have to be together.

5. D and P cannot go together.

6. They cannot go with Q. 

7. Team is consists of one male artist, one male designer, one lady designer and two trainers.

So, based on all these conditions, the arrangement of menbers of a team that is possible is ACPTU. 

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Deependra Verma

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