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Give a brief sketch of the hurgo in lilliput who was acted as an orator to communicate with gulliver

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A brief character sketch of hurgo in lilliput who has acted as an orator to communicate with Gulliver.

The term hurgo is used for significant people in the lilliput world. These hurgo are important person, noble man, people with influence and some power. Hurgo are also referred as Lords.

They were basically civilian people and through out the story of Gulliver's Travel these people were cordial and tried to help Gulliver. They were thus, kind and  reasonable. Hurgo generally can deliver speeches, give orders and command to other lilliputains.

They thus have certain degree of respect and authority over other people. Hurgo took care of Gulliver when he was first captured. This shows they were compassionate and helpful in nature and don't do wrong to anyone without any mistake of theirs.

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Deependra Verma

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