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Give me a very simple and easy speach on nature.....

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Nature consist of all natural resources available to us by God. Things which are not man made are natural things. But human race is not us taking good care of our nature. 'Save Nature save planet', it is a true proverb which state that if we will not save of environment then surely we won't be able to save our planet. Industrialisation and development has spoiled of nature. In order to set up factories, trees are cut off. Fields are destroyed and animals are being killed or forced to die because of deforestation. There is no eco balance left in our environment. The water sources are vanishing, mountains and hills are cut off to make pavement for trains and vehicles. There are hardly any rains in many parts of the world which may bring drought in many places. With this disbalance in the nature there are natural disaster like Tsunami, typhoon etc..

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Deependra Verma

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