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Health is better than wealth. (use preferable) state the reason.

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In my preference Health is more important than Wealth because if we are fit and fine, we will have a sense of well being because of having a good well being we will feel happy and without good health no matter how much you are spending on things because you are not physically fit and all your wealth is waste and one cannot enjoy their life to the fullest. Good health is extremely important. A healthy body makes the way for a healthy mind and brings the mind at ease. Because of having peace, a lot of things can be achieved in terms of fame and money. Having excessive wealth without good health is a waste of money. Being free from any type of illness is better than being rich. That's why people say “Health is Wealth”. No amount of money will cure our broken leg or hand. Best wealth can only get the best treatments but it cannot give good health. If we are healthy we can earn and work for our daily bread, it can lead to a happy life and a contented life. And if we are healthy there will be diseases to bother us. And we will not be able to afford luxuries. Therefore, this old Proverb is said to be true that Health is better than wealth.

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Deependra Verma

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