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Hi friends!!!Essay on "THE FLIGHT OF MY DREAM"URGENT!!!!!!

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Every human being on earth must aspire to achieve something in life. We must set a target and work towards it. To achieve a goal, we must first dream that we can. I always dream of becoming a doctor. This is my ambition for which I've been passionately working hard all along. I am very serious about making this dream of mine into reality. I dream to study hard, get good grades and become a successful doctor in society. I wish to clear the world from the cloud of diseases. To serve people is equivalent to serving God. I wish to serve God by serving his creation.. I will be a ministering angel to heal the wounded. I wish to serve the poor people free of cost. I would help in researching new medicines and technologies which would help to eradicate many killer diseases. 

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Deependra Verma

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