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How can I improve my english

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Some pointers to Improve your English 

  • To ace a language, you should understand its grammar first. Learning the grammar properly will help you in forming sentences.

  • If learning new words altogether is a burden, try learning a new word everyday and increase your capacity accordingly.

  • Try solving comprehension, write paragraphs and essays on topics. It will improve your writing habit and efficiency in the language. 

  • Take feedback from your teachers on your writing style and grammar and ask them for suggestions to improve.

  • Read anything you can, may it be books, stories, comics or newspapers. Make it a regular habit so you understand how to frame sentences or improve your grammar by reading.

  • Watch movies in any language with english subtitles. For example,  watch a hindi movie with english subtitles. That way, you can correspond to the english words which equals the meaning of the hindi words. 

  • Last pointer would be practice. Practice reading, writing and speaking the language, because practice will make you better. 

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Deependra Verma

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