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How can students contribute for getting justice as early as possible?

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The sense of duty comes naturally once we are placed in a responsible position. In the beginning, Alagu Chowdhary, though not educated formally, displays his sense of justice and fairness, when he pronounces the verdict in favour of Jumman’s aunt. He thus earns the hostility of his dearest friend, for the sake of doing his duty. This is what also happens in the case of Jumman Sheikh. The moment he is appointed head-panch, he becomes aware of the gravity of his position. He knows that he is sitting on the throne of justice, and nothing must come from his mouth, but the truth. He is conscious of the fact that as a judge, his words carry the same respect as the words of God. Guided by this inner realisation, Jumman forgets his personal enmity with Alagu, and also seems to have forgotten the idea of revenge, and he gives the truthful judgements God is always impartial in his dealings with human beings. Similarly, a panch has to be impartial in dispensing justice. It is for this reason that it is said that God lives in the panch.


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