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How did Helen Keller prove herself in every aspect of life?

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Annie Sullivan was the inspiration behind Helen Keller’s extraordinary life. She is only Partially sighted herself as she undergoes the surgery for her vision at a young age. She herself was educated in The Perkins institution of the blind. She is the person responsible for the most important day I remember in all my life. Helen recognizes Anne as her Teacher because she contributed throughout their life as a mentor, teacher, Companion, and motivator. She never misses an opportunity to teach Helen. Helen was suffering from hearing as well as visual disabilities through which Miss Sullivan worked hard to teach Helen the alphabet. She teaches Helen in an appreciative way because she explains everything to her and Helena liked her so much as a teacher. Anne has the capacity to teach Helen about nature and she also teaches how to connect with nature?

 Anne makes every subject so real that she could not help remembering. Anne Sullivans also makes Helen Think because it makes a connection between the abstract and the Physical.

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Deependra Verma

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