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How e-ticketing is effective in reducing corruption

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E-ticketing has reduced corruption to an extent because if we talk about the Indian Railways, the tatkal booking system was exploited by the brokers and middlemen and the general public was not having the complete chance of getting the tickets. The tickets were bought beforehand and then were sold at higher prices. The middlemen had a connection in the system and within minutes the tickets were unavailable for a common man. E-ticketing has given equal opportunities to a common man to book the tickets from their own house, system, and ease. This has reduced the human corruption which was there through middlemen and system. Now, if you need a ticket you don't have to pay extra to the brokers or any travel agents but can try from your own account. Companies practicing E-ticketing are also implementing rules in which one account can not use to buy multiple or bulk tickets. Agents need to have a separate account that gives them an idea of the ticket flow. Though there are always some loopholes that cause and lead to corruption though E-ticketing has reduced it to a great extent. companies need to invest more resources and keep their IT team on foot in order to find out any flaws in the system and also should main sure that the infrastructure is properly maintained and nobody can exploit it.

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Deependra Verma

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