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How should people live together and have more eqality?

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People can live together and have more equality in a democratic society. In a democratic society everyone respect other person, discrimination on any basis be it caste, class, gender, religion, socio economic status is not allowed. People can live a life in which they can grow and develop to their maximum level. This life is based on equality because people have rights,  nobody can harm another person's rights and they have certain duties which they have to follow. Within these duties comes respecting monuments and heritage sites of different places. Protecting wildlife, fauna, flora of a place, respecting the art and culture of a place. We are supposed to respect the national flag, anthem and song. We have to follow the ideals of freedom struggle, we have to protect sovereignty and brotherhood of country. We have to strive for excellence, develop scientific temper and all children of age 6-14 years need to be send to school. These fundamental duties along with right to equality before law, equality in terms of taking job in any part of the country, right to vote, freedom of religion, right against exploitation, cultural and educational right and right for constitutional remedies. These rights support equality and harmony among people and their  living together. 

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Deependra Verma

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