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I have A.S.L and can u say short essay on basics of science should be focused till 12 grade and value based question .

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Basics of Science 

The basics of Science is the chapter on Biology that is animal and plant reproduction. The reproduction is based on sexual and asexual mode of reproduction. Here, names of different plants and animals are given to understand their nature. Another concept of Science is atoms, hydrocarbon bonds and how it bond together. Whether it is a chain reaction. Another one is photosynthesis, in which the plant's procedure for preparation of food through oxygen and water is given. The topic on gravitational force or pull is another one through which the movements of waves, tides, planets object, earth and moon is explained using formulas and gravitation constant 'g'. From these topics value based questions will be asked such as -

1. How can animals and plants be conserved?

2. Why is their preservation important?

3. What is food chain? Give examples.

4. Explain what will happen if g becomes zero?

5. Explain any hydrocarbon bonds for saturated and unsarurated fats.


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