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I have to write a project on character analysis of portia for my project and we have been asked to write 40 pages minimum ! i have no clue for writing such project because i have done this before so please can you help me out in this problem !

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Portia is the romantic heroine of the play, and she must be presented on the stage with much beauty and intelligence. Of her beauty, we need no convincing. Bassanio's words are enough; thus we turn to her love for Bassanio. At the end of her speech, Portia says that she spoke at length to stretch the time and delay to the fullest extent Bassanio's act of choosing the caskets, this shows the feeling of love for Bassanio and she doesn’t want to lose him, In her speech, she repeats her to make him stay in Belmont for a month or two months before he hazards the choices of the caskets.

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Deependra Verma

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