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I need a 1 min speech on science and future and it should be simple and informative

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Speech on Science and Future

Science is our future. The latest discoveries which have taken place in India talks about Science and how important it is in determining our future. Let us take examples of corona virus and how important it was to fight this pandemic. We can fight it together by vaccination, hand hygiene, sanitizers and use of social distancing and mask. Now all these things such as making of masks such as fabric, clinical or respirator type 95 mask is a contribution of science, discovery of vaccination is a product of science, sanitizers are product of science and even the protocols we follow of distance maintenance,  hand hygiene, wearing of mask are all protocols of science. Science offer us hope to deal with present times and its problems and also to tackle future problems. Continuous research,  experimentation and discovery in science helps to beat present harmful situations such as diseases and to tackle future problems such as corona virus and its after effects. Thus, science is our future and it affects our present and future both.

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Deependra Verma

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