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i need a detail summary of journey by night by norah burke

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Journey by night by Norah Burke is a tale of Human determination and Human courage was the protagonist. This story is about the Family of poor people who live in a Jungle. Sher Singh’s Father was a brave Hunter and was away from the Photographic expedition he was the perfect example of courageous people in the world. The younger boy had a severe stomach ache and from that day the boy was feared and he thought that this boy would die at any moment then he must take him to the hospital on time. During that time other family members were also not well. They had other diseases such as Cholera, Influenza and some died in Jungle accidents. Through Shewr Singh felt an illness inside himself and he bravely took his brother to the hospital to save his younger brother. This story is very touching and inspiring on account of the power of determination and human courage.

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Deependra Verma

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