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I need jam topic on music plz.......can any one plz help me out

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Music plays an important role in the moments of life because it leads to happiness and joy in the moment of an individual. Music gives us the soul of life and gives an immense peace of mind, Music heals everything. Beethoven once said that Music has the potential to change the world and it clears our minds physically and mentally. Thus we can connect with the soul in the form of music. There is music for every occasion whether we are sad or happy. Music takes the world to another level because it heals everything bad in the form of good. It helps to cure the mental disturbances that we all are facing in this world. If we want to connect with God, Then music is the best way to connect with God. Music is one of the most important aspects of one’s life and most people enjoy music in their leisure time. Music is an education and it is classified into various rhythmic sounds in a system that can be learned. It is an art or we can say it as a skill because many artists possess and hence they are capable of performing in front of the audience. Music is like a Bonus from God, not only humans but also plants, animals can enjoy the rhythm of the music in the system. I thank all the musicians who pacify me during my low times and let me celebrate my good times by listening to music. Personally, Music is my hobby and I love it. It is the best alternative indeed. Music works like medicine in times of stress which can be formed at any age, It is an effective method to relax the person from any kind of mental or physical stress. So, I always give first preference to Music because It heals everything.

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Deependra Verma

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