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I want an essay on Root out corruption before its root on you

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Root out corruption before you will be rooted out. Nowadays our society is full of corruption because everyone wants to live a Standard Life. As we all know corruption is a very bad thing as it increases the individual growth and growth of societies. It is a social evil that plays a human body and mind socially, and economically. It is rooted so deeply because everyone wants money and there are many people who have greed for money. Corruption is the abuse of authority, public position or power, etc. According to sources, India has been ranked in 3td Position on the list of corrupt Countries which is a very bad thing for our economy. It is a widespread concept in public service, businesses, or other illegal areas. Politicians are highly responsible for the increasing number of corruption as we choose our leaders with a lot of expectations through a voting System which leads to giving the right direction to our country. In the beginning, they made so many promises to us. 

I believe that one day our country will become a corruption-free country in the whole world. One day our political leaders would be free from the greed of money and they simply use their power, status, money, etc, to lead the country in the right direction, not their luxurious life and their personal wishes. The rising level of corruption must take effective measures to control them for future purposes.

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Deependra Verma

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