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I want learn english grammer ie parts of speech

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Parts of speech are -

1.Noun- it is the name of a person, place or thing/object such as Rakesh, New Delhi, Table, Chair. 

2. Pronoun- it isiusediiniplace of noun iniaI sentence such as he, she, it, I, me, this, that, those

3. Verb- it refers to words that describes some action such as walking, eating, sleeping etc. 

4. Adjective- it is the characteristic or description with give to a noun such as beautiful as beautiful moon. 

5. Adverb- it describes a verb or an adjective such as fully, fadtily, happily. 

6. Preposition- it is used before a noun to show place, time and direction of a sentence such as on, in, under, on top of, above, below, behind, ahead. 

7. Conjuction- it is these words that are used to join words or sentences such as and, or , yet, since and therefore. 

8. Interjection- it expresses emotions and are followed by some exclamation mark such as oh!, hurray!, yeah! 

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Deependra Verma

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