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I want the notes of the chapter how i taught my grandmother to read by sudha murthy

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Sudha Murthy was born in 1950 in Shiggaon which is located in North Karnataka. “How I Taught My Grandmother To Read” is written by Sudha Murthy which is a tale of Desire to learn and the humility required to learn at any age and from anyone. The author was a young girl living with her Grandmother Krishtakka. Then her Grandmother decided to read the Novel, Kashi Yatra. The Novel dealt with the central character’s struggle to visit Kashi. Grandmother believes that Kashi Yatra is a pilgrimage. Every Wednesday the author reads the next chapter of the novel and tells the story to her. The grandmother set the deadlines and achieved the targets on time she did impossible to possible. It was her great dedication and hard work to read Kannada which made this possible. On the next day, she bowed down to touch her grandmother’s feet as respect her teacher. The narrator also gives her a novel called Kashi Yatra.

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