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If I become the Principal of my school

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Being a principal is a hard job. It is not merely the job of handling the school but to keep harmony between staff, teachers and students and make healthy relations with other schools. A principal is the ruling body of the school. His/her approval matters the most. She/he is a valuable person.

If I were to become principal of my school, I would focus on the welfare of the students, staff and teachers. For teachers, I would host a yearly trip along with students so both can relax from their monotonous lives. For female teachers and staff, I would introduce ‘period leave’. Periods have been a taboo for the longest time and there shouldn’t be a stigma around it. It is and can be quite traumatising and a painful period for females. For all teaching staff, I would increase casual leave by two days, so that they can celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with their families. 

For the non-teaching staff, who come even when the school is on vacation, I would increase their casual leave by five days. At the end of the year, they would get a salary hike of 5% including gifts given by the school like coupons or free meals so they stay motivated all year round. 

For students, instead of focusing on only studies, I would encourage them to find a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities. All students should atleast have a co-curricular activity where they will be able to explore their creative space. Regular subjects and co-curricular activities should be included in the report card. That way, students will be motivated to participate in activities other than studies. I would hire career counsellor and student counsellor like a psychologist with whom students can converse freely in a safe place. Mental health in students has been a topic which is avoided by society for the longest time. Mental health needs to be kept in check , regardless of a person’s age. Many students suffer from depression and anxiety due to competition and the pressure to get good grades.

As a principal, I would be happy if my staff, teachers and students are happy and healthy. That way, all of them will perform to their maximum capacity and would be beneficial for the school. 


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Deependra Verma

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