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If there is friendship between three friends and two of them have fight and how will third person solve there fight.

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If there is a friendship between the three friends and two of them fight then the third person can intervene in the fight and act as a meditator to resolve the fight. He can help the person to sort out their differences and reach a mid way. He can ask them to talk out their differences and feelings and make them appreciate their qualities and mutual likingness. 

However, if one of them don't want to keep the friendship going and wants thing to end, then in this situation first of all they should talk it out and make the other person realise their mistake. After going through the first stage, the next stage should be to ask them to apologise to each other. After the apology, the friends should keep in touch. They should give each other time to make contact with each other and discuss openly with each other.

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Deependra Verma

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