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In Merchant Of Venice,why do you think that Antonio is presented as a melancholic and passive character?

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Bassanio serves as a kind of catalyst throughout The Merchant of Venice, provoking much of the play’s action. In the beginning, Bassanio is a good-natured but irresponsible young man who has gotten himself into debt by living beyond his means. At the end of her speech, Portia says that she spoke at length to stretch the time and delay to the fullest extent Bassanio's act of choosing the caskets, this shows the feeling of love for Bassanio and she doesn’t want to lose him, In her speech, she repeats her to make him stay in Belmont for a month or two months before he hazards the choices of the caskets. It takes place in Italy where Antonio, a merchant, is sad and confused. His friend Bassanio feels that he cannot afford the girl he loves because of his extremely poor financial status. He takes out a loan with a Jewish moneylender named Shylock who hates Antonio because he's prejudiced. Shylock tells him that the loan has to be repaid in three month's or Antonia will owe him a pound of flesh. Meanwhile, Portia's father, the rich girl that Bassanio loves, has a condition for all suitors to his daughter. They have to all choose from one of the three caskets that he has displayed. One has a portrait of her in it. If the suitor chooses it, then he can marry her. But, if he chooses the other caskets then they must leave the area and never marry another. Bassanio's friend Lorenzo elopes with Shylock's daughter, and Bassanio chooses the right casket with Portia's picture. 


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