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In the fast paced life in cities,it is the elder citizens who feel lonely and neglected with ur partner discuss.. Q1. The reasons their loneliness neglect suggest ways to improve it. plz answer the question for ASL.............

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In a fast-paced time in our city, it is the elder citizens who feel neglected and lonely. They are the ones who don’t have energy, but they have money and time. He wants some resources to make their life worth living. They are not independent but they are dependent on external support for their health. In today’s society, elder people have less of a role to play. It is a natural process that older people retire and take a rest after doing their job. They are free from all their duties. In small towns such as villages, the elder people live with their families in their own houses. They also get respect from their Grandchildren.

And in cities, people are busy managing their own family and they forgot to give time to older people due to which they feel a little bit lonely or less cared for. Their quality of life depends upon their family. Elder people keep themselves busy in doing some activities like listening to music, doing spiritual and devotional activities in various community centers. They keep in touch with various technologies used these days. These things can improve their social support systems like family, friends, and neighbors. And they should also take care of their health by going to the parks and doing yoga. Making parks will make them provide much-needed oxygen and create mental alertness which leads to a healthy life.

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