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Last week your friend was hurt when a basketball hit him discuss with your partner what safety rule should be follow in the school playground and how can these implemented ?

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Ajay: Hey man, did you hear about Sunny’s basketball accident?

Vijay: Hi, yeah I did. How did it happen?

Ajay: He was trying to snatch the ball from the opponent but he ended up falling on the ground. Since the ground is cemented, he ended up wounding his knees. They were bleeding heavily so they took him to the nearest hospital. 

Vijay: Did he not get first aid here?

Ajay: No, our medical room is pretty limited in resources for such scenarios. Also, he needed immediate assistance for the same by a doctor. Our school only has a nurse. 

Vijay: Yeah. Was he not wearing any protective gear?

Ajay: No, otherwise the injury would have been minimal.

Vijay: I think we should write to the principal about safety measures to be taken by our school for such activities. They should make protective gears mandatory.

Ajay: Also, they could renovate the basketball court and make it more player friendly. Also, PT teachers should always monitor when students are playing. He could train them to play safe. 

Vijay: Our medical room needs to be equipped to handle situations like these. Let us get everyone’s agreement on this and write to our principal to implement such changes. 

Ajay: Sure, let’s go. 


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Deependra Verma

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