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Last week your friend was hurt when a basketball hit him/her.Discuss with your partner what safety rules should be followed in the school playground how can this be implemented. Please help me and its very urgent

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Last week one of my friends was hurt when a basketball hit him in the playground. We were playing a game between two sections of the same classes. The section A of class Sixth was playing basketball with section B of class Sixth. One of the students from class Sixth A while hitting the basketball accidentally hit one of the players from other team. The player got brutally hurt on his stomach and was lying on the ground. At this time, the coach came and took the child to the medical room. Later, the coach helped the child to understand the precautions to be taken while playing the game. He informed them to do body stretching before playing the game. Next, they were supposed to wear the right type of clothing. After doing this, he instructed us to do proper exercises and learn the rules of the game . Also, he informed us to carry band aids, safety pins and water bottle.

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Deependra Verma

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