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Letter to editor on global warming and how to solve it

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40, Mayur Vihar

Dayal Bagh


10th July 2021

The Editor

Hindustan Times


Subject: Effects of global warming and related precautions


Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper, I want to draw your kind attention to the effects of Global warming throughout the country. According to research, global warming is more deadly than war. The effects of global warming are now seen in people’s health such as skin diseases, or any health problems. Depletion of the ozone layer is spreading all over the world with the help of this glaciers are melting at boiling point rapidly. This also creates floods and the scarcity of water in undeveloped areas like villages, our world can face an acute shortage of water and food. Many animals are extinct from this planet, so there will be no animals and forests in the coming future.

To control global warming, people should be made aware of it through campaigns and rallies. Consumption of fuel should be reduced to the minimum. Road traffic in big cities should be reduced through carpools, and metro trains are the best alternative. We should not cut trees, instead, we should plant more trees. Eco-Friendly clubs should be set up in every society and should be encouraged.

I would like you to print this letter in your esteemed newspaper so that we can control global warming as soon as possible.


Thanking You

Yours Truly



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Deependra Verma

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