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The life of the Industrial worker through a Turbulent time. The Industrial revolution came so quickly that it changed the lives of the laborers. The development of machines that were water-powered, such as the spinning jenny and water frame, made the process of weaving and spinning cloth easier and faster. With these technologies, the textile industry flourished and factory owners became very wealthy by forcing workers to work long hours for low salaries. Their low wages did not afford them to live comfortably, which meant that many people had to live in crowded buildings that were unsanitary. workers had to adjust to the new demanding pace of working. Factory owners required a more disciplined workspace than the farm that the workers had been used to and they were no longer their own bosses. Factory owners would fine their workers if they left work early to return to the village for a festival or gathering, as it disrupted the flow of the other workers. The working conditions were hazardous and poorly maintained as their owners or the bourgeoisie were negligent of their well-being and required them to work for long hours in harsh conditions. Most workers worked six days a week, fourteen hours per day, and had no paid holidays or vacations. 

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