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my dreams of a developed india

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Our India Is a Great Country, I Want to see India as Much bigger than Other Countries, It is a great land of peace, Prosperity, and Truthfulness where there is no shame in speaking the Truth and where there is no corruption & unemployment. I want to see India Where every woman is respected by all religions and through which I want to see each citizen be Proud To Be Indian. There was an Author Who wrote “India Is My Dream” Author was Mahatma Gandhi. His Dream For India is to bring Swaraj to a Country which Does not recognize any race or religious purposes. Swaraj is meant for all types of people. 

I want to see an India free from poverty or Illiteracy, Where the poor are empowered where the bridge between the poor and the rich is within acceptable limits. I also dream of an India in which every other educated soul understands the importance of giving back what he has taken from the society, And that this makes India go from strength to strength.

Our Mission is to Mobilise the undeniable and boundless energy, spirit & strength of India’s Youth and carrying out activities for the underprivileged children under the education of privileged children for the betterment of society I hope to achieve this by forming groups of people from different areas and helping out the various activities for them.

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Deependra Verma

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