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My friend is part of district volleyball team and to missed classes.His teacher and his parents are unhappy about this and have asked him to quit sports.what should we do for him

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KANAN: Hey man! How are you?

KENNY: I am fine, man. Just stressed. 

KANAN: Why is that?

KENNY: You know I play volleyball on district level. It is going well but now I want to compete at the state level and for that I need to go to a volleyball club to train for it. Now my parents are worried about my studies because if I join the club , I would have less time to study and might not do well in exams. 

KANAN: You are right in your own way and your parents are right too. All parents want their child to get the best education. Do you take volleyball seriously?

KENNY: Yes! I love the sport and honestly, I see it as a career option. So, now you know why I want to go to the club. The more I train with better people, the more refined I can become. I would be able to compete in more competitions and tournaments. I might get spotted or selected to be in the national team. Imagine the possibilities I might have. 

KANAN: I am with you on this. But you have to understand that you cannot give up on your studies. Education is important. Once you join, it will get hard to handle both in such a limited amount of time. 

KENNY: I have thought it through and I am ready for it. I might not get the best marks but I will definitely try to score at least average marks. 

KANAN: Okay. I see how serious you are about this. I think you should share all this information with your parents. You think they might not understand you, but they will. If this is what makes you happy, they will want that for you. You should share all this with them at the earliest.

KENNY: You are right. I have kept all this bottled up inside of me. I should tell them everything I feel about this decision. 

KANAN: Persuade them that you can handle both the activities. Share your burden with them. They will feel wanted if you tell them everything. They will appreciate you standing up for yourself. 

KENNY: Okay. I will go to them right now. See you soon


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Deependra Verma

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