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My patriotic feelings for my nation

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Patriotism is a feeling of love for one’s own country. It doesn’t mean hatred for other countries but it means a genuine instinct for working hard and honestly for one’s own country and making sacrifices, if need be, for its security, freedom and integrity. It doesn’t mean imperialism and chauvinism which led to the policy of expansionism and conquering other countries.

My nation, India which gained its freedom from the British after 200 years in 1947 lost endless and unnamed brave hearted people to a noble cause. The forefront leader of India Independence Movement was M.K. Gandhi, father of our nation, who ignited the flame of freedom in people so they could fight for their rights. People like Jawahar Lal Nehru and Bhimrao Ambedkar who helped in building the foundation of our country by declaring it a free and democratic nation. The constitution came into effect in 1949, which is the longest written constitution of the largest democracy of the world till this date.

The diversity of our country surprises me. People from different communities, who speak different language, come together under the tag of ‘Indian’. Diversity can create prejudices but our citizens set aside such differences and come together for the welfare of the nation. The best example of it is are the “defence forces”. People from all different castes, religion and ethnicity come together with a sole purpose which is to protect the nation.

A lot of politicians come and go as they try to waver our unity for their personal gains, but sooner or later, we surpass such differences created by them because we know how our forefathers fought for us to have a free nation which they only dreamed of. We remember their sacrifices and respect them. We promised to uphold our duty to not fall again in the trap of an autocracy.

A true patriot is a person who won’t think twice in putting the nation at his priority. All the citizens who work for the welfare of our country, may it be defence, production of goods and services and research and development, we all submit our fair share in the progress of development. We all want what is the best for the country.

My country has given me a free air to breathe, a place to live, work and eat in. During turbulent times, our diverse country comes together to help each other out. No matter where you live on earth, you are always bound by the love of the nation where you were born. India is the best example of “unity in diversity”. I am proud to be an Indian. Jai hind.

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Deependra Verma

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