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Need a speech on mystery for ASL

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Mystery thrills young people. We need to be systematic, logical, knowledgeable, wise, and energetic to be the hero of mysteries.  There are many mysterious stories that lie under the oceans.  There are many careers in the line of solving mysteries in the world. Many serials on TV, magazines, thriller books, and cinemas have become hits because of the tense moments of excitement that they have. Usually darkness, ghosts, haunted houses, previous births, aliens from spaces, and other topics from the storylines of mysteries. The persons who solve mysteries are very accomplished, respected, and fantasied. The mystery is not knowing the truth about someone or something. We do not know anything about his/her Life what happens next. It is still a mystery to us. The suspense and mystery hold the person’s attention and hold their Heartbeat because we don’t know what happens after. Many serials on TV, books, Magazines do well because of their Mystery. The mystery is like a movie. There is suspense but we reveal it at the end of the Movie. Our life is full of Mysteries we don’t know what the future holds for us. In General, are there Stars, Planets, and Galaxies? Why are we here? This is a mystery of life in general.

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Deependra Verma

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