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On occasion of world water day, write an article for school magazine in 150-200 words on acute water shortage in the country.

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The importance of water is because people are disrespecting water by wasting it. Water is an important element on this planet. It is the reason for living in a city. It is an important natural resource and we have to respect resources because resources are limited. Be a responsible citizen and help us to save water. We cannot ignore that abuse of water by wasting it in abundance. As water is used in all sectors and it is used for commercial purposes. It is the most important life source for the survival of any species. The best way to conserve water is to bring awareness by not wasting it and it can be conserved by doing debates on various platforms. It is important to use water in a sustainable manner so it is useful for the industries if we can reuse or recycle. Even a single drop of contribution will impact in a greater way. We can save them by not letting the tap run unnecessarily when bathing or brushing the teeth, bathing, or while washing your face. Nature has given many divine gifts to us out of which, WATER is very vital for a man's survival. Without water, life is impossible on the planet Earth. These days, most people wastewater without realizing that only 2% of water is fit for drinking, cooking, and other activities. The United Nations Organization celebrates 22 March each year as 'World Water Day' to spread awareness among the public to save water in order to save a life. Therefore, small actions can make many changes. So, it is rightly said that, Save water while you still can because water is the most fundamental resource.

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Deependra Verma

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