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Please give me points on the Negative aspects of adult education

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Adult Education is important for the economic and social well-being of a country with the help of highly financial aids. It is very easy to join this program irrespective of age because it is an important aspect in society that helps people to bring awareness in the form of rights and duties. There are various advantages for individuals to become good human beings. These areas below -


Personality Development- It enhances the knowledge of the person and helps the people to inculcate the level of thinking. It helps to make decisions on their own and he4lps to face the challenges with full potential and with full confidence.


Career development- The right type of education enables the individual to make a profession. Learning new skills is very essential to become a successful person. Adult education is very important in this.


Adult education helps to achieve goals with the help of the skills of an individual. It helps to broaden the minds of the people in society. Adult education is the adults being responsible towards themselves and for the young generations. Adult education is not like education for children, this education is different. Adult education helps to bring good manners in the children's minds as it shapes the overall thoughts of the children’s values. This education helps adults to make their decisions on their own.


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Deependra Verma

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