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Pollution-an alarm to the planet

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There are many reasons for global warming, Primary, and the main cause is called the Greenhouse effect. This effect is caused by carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide, and other gases. Global Warming is affecting many parts of the countries in the world and it makes the sea rise. When the sea rises, the water may cover low-land islands. This is a very big problem for animals, plants, and people living on the islands. And the threat will increase in the coming years which helps future generations to create a sustainable planet.

 The government is taking action by introducing electric cars, through which all the causes are due to the burning of fossil fuels which helps to create electricity. And we can do our bit to use the electricity in our day-to-day life. We have to start living in a sustainable manner which helps us to conserve natural resources and the planet. The disruption of habitats due to climate change is the main reason for global warming and if one wishes to curb this issue that is it is threatening every habitat in the environment. These are the main reasons for Environmental pollution so our first step is to curb this polluted environment and measure ways to protect it, and to control them.

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