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Positive impact of being at home

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There had being various positive impact of being at home during th elockdown period of this pandemic. People got time for theirself, they did yoga, exercise and meditation. People also discovered their skills, they also got connected with nature, did gardening. And,  this  lockdown has been an opportunity to connect with family. In this 21st century when life has become so fast. People have settled abroad and in different cities for jobs and standard of living. People don't have time for their parents and grandparents who were left at their ancestral homes. Even people living in the same house didn't have time for their partners and children due to odd timings of work and extra workload above that people had to maintain their standard of living, which too require time. This lockdown has brought a blessing in disguise for all those who wanted to spend time with their family and friends. People could go to their ancestral house to spend time with their grandparents. It is the best time to know your spouse and children well, play with them and spend leisure time with them. 

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Deependra Verma

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