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Stress management is an issue to various management in both public and private sectors. Productivity and efficiency are directly affected by the potential of the employees to cope with stress in an effective manner. Stress is like a body’s way of responding to things such as threats, or change. In other words, stress helps us to manage the things at hand. Stress management is a major issue during the emergency period. Stress can be managed by itself in times of crisis. A solid understanding of roles and responsibilities, support for colleagues, self-care, and searching for help when in need is very important for managing stress during a crisis. The optimum level of stress acts as a creative force that enables a person to achieve the goals in their life. During the time of crisis management, those people who are unaware of managing the stress that they are bearing in their own life. So, it is very important to give time for self and find a way to manage them so that in crisis time stress can be managed effectively.

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