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Role play for 2 characters in english on any topic

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Rahul- Hello Sunaina, How are you?

Sunaina - Hi Rahul, I am good.

Rahul - How is your science project going on?

Sunaina - My science project is going on fine. I have prepared on the topic of disaster management.

Rahul -  Wow! That is interesting. Tell me more about it.

Sunaina-  In my team there are two girls and two boys and I am the fifth one. We have developed a project on this topic by consulting our teacher.

Rahul - That's good. Who else is there?

Sunaina- We are all there. Just us five and other group members.

Rahul - That's good. When is your presentation?

Sunaina - Day after Tomorrow.

Rahul- All the best to you!

Sunaina- Thank you for your concern!


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Deependra Verma

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