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Root out corruption before it root in you

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The sentence "Root out corruption before it root in you" is used to highlight how important it is to eradicate corruption. We should stop it from growing in our lives and the first step for it starts with training and improving oneself. In order to develop a society free of corruption we should stop corruption from growing into our lives.

Corruption means a bad usage of power by people in power for wrong means or to gain some benefits usually money. Their behaviour or conduct is wrong and illegal. It is worthy of punishment and should be stopped at grassroot level. At grassroot level, we are the people who can take action by refusing to pay or give money when somebody tries to extort it from us. We should say no and refuse outrightly. Thus, ending corruption starts with us and can be stopped by us. By refusing to give and take money for corruption. 

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Deependra Verma

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