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School students should not be allowed to use mobile phones in school give your view either for or against the statement

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School students are not eighteen years old. They are young. They are not yet developed to think like adults. Thus, school students shouldn't be allowed to use phones in school. In every school landline facility is available and teachers have phones for emergency situations. Thus, I support the arguments and vote in favour of not using phones in school.

Many incidents have taken place when students have brought phones without informing parents at home. They have misused mobile phones. Such incidents where photos were clicked, other person's information was leaked and shared with other people. These are few examples that mobile phones for students are not needed. Schools have computers with restricted access for students to use for academic works. Keeping this in mind, It can be concluded that using mobile phones in schools for students are not compulsory and needed by students. 

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Deependra Verma

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