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Should we donate organs

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Organ donation is an opportunity to help others, when you donate organs you have the potential of transforming up to ten lives. Through all this, you’re giving someone’s life or the chance of being the betterment of someone's life. There are tissue donations such as bones, skin, corneas, heart valves, etc. which help the lives of 75 or more people. Thus receiving an organ donation leads to life-changing events for those people. It leads to a grieving process in the family and gives a potential to deal with their loss by knowing their loved one and helps them to save the life of others. Therefore the need for organ donors is rising day by day over the years. This rise is due to the number of people who have died through organ failure so it enhances the transplantation which is a greater proportion of these people who are eligible for the organ transplantation. Every nine minutes a person joins the national list for an organ transplant because there are some diseases that cannot be cured and there are no medicines for this. Organ donation helps to reduce the expenses of the hospitals which are spent by the recipient because it is a very expensive process when someone gets it done. But in the long run, it saves a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on Kidney transplants, heart ailments, which demand heavy expenses from time to time.

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Deependra Verma

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