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slogan and essay on ek bharat

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Ek Bharat is a Government scheme talked about by the Pm of India Mr. Narendra Modi on the occasion of National unity day which is established on 31st October 2015, it is also the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The main purpose of this scheme is to enhance the tradition and culture of the country. It encourages the cultural connection between the states and the Union Territories of the country. It also helps to interact with the people of different religions of the country. The state carries out various activities to promote and structure the cultural connection in the areas of languages, learning, music, and Tourism, etc. Every state and the UT in the country would be paired with the other states and UT for a long period of time. Time and Technology have narrowed down the distances in the terms of connection and communication, which helps to facilitate mobility towards the country. Mutual understanding and trust are the main foundation of this scheme through which every citizen of the country feels culturally integrated into all corners of India. For example, one should not feel like 'strangers in a strange land' when they arrive in Delhi, which will be applicable in all the states. Besides, all this scheme will enhance the understanding of the culture and bonding among the people and it also helps to strengthen the unity for the country. This scheme has also been launched to get opinions from the public through which this program can be more effective in various magnitudes. Furthermore, a certificate will also be provided with the prizes. Besides, the government does this to attract more participants to participate in this scheme.

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