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Some of your classmates are under-confident in speaking in English and do not know how to get help. Also they do not know how to improve their spoken English. With your partner, discuss what could be done to help them.

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Nita: Hey Neetu. 

Neetu: Hi. How are you?

Nita: I’m good. How is your english speaking practice going?

Neetu: I’m learning enunciation these days. 

Nita: I heard Sita is having a hard time speaking English fluently. 

Neetu: It is the same with me.

Nita: Do you want to make a group so we can converse there freely, without any judgement?

Neetu: That is a good idea. I would love to join. I can ask other students who have trouble with the same thing.

Nita: Sure, the more the merrier. Since we can only meet in school, we all should come early and for half an hour, could learn the language better. 

Nitu: I think to speak freely, we first need to learn grammar better, so we can frame sentences easily.

Nita: Also, we all should all go home with simple homework like reading a book or novel which we could read at the same time or watch a tv programme together. Reading and hearing english will help us understand the accent and pronunciation.

Neetu: We could watch hindi movies with subtitles so we could correlate the english and hindi words which could mean the same or be a synonym to it. 

Nita: Yeah , you are right. I'll go and talk to some of our classmates.

Neetu: Okay. I will see you soon.


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Deependra Verma

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