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Some students are having a fight in the playground with your friends. Discuss what could be done to pacified them. How you can persuade the to be mOre tolerant to each other

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Some students are having a fight with my friend in the school playground over cricket on getting out. Then the other team started shouting, screaming and they started pushing my friend. My friend also pushed him back. From that, the fight takes place in a violent way. I was so scared during the fight that I thought that I should call the teacher to the playground. Then I called them to the playground. The teacher started trying to stop the fight and started running. He persuaded both of them to say sorry to each other, then didn’t say anything to each other and the teacher Gave punishment to the students and made them sit outside the playground. On the next day when the game starts after the toss to decide who bats first and who bowls first. This is how the Teacher persuaded them to stop the fight.

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Deependra Verma

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