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Speech on fashion for asl

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Good morning esteemed principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today I will be speaking on the topic ‘Fashion’. Fashion is an integral part of a society. Fashion can showcase different trends, whether they were in the past or present and sometimes predict the future trends of the society. Fashion can tell about a person’s identity, which society, culture or country they come from. 

Fashion in India is a mix of traditional and western wear. India is so diverse that each state has its fashion, may it be a rajasthani ghagra or Alungstu, the traditional Nagaland dress. From a banarasi saree to salwar kameez to jeans and shirts is all part of our unique culture. There is no definite fashion which India follows and that is our USP. People of India have brought fashion from previous generations and embraced it together with fashion of the world, but you can see the reflection of the past fashion in our dressing sense, that part of a culture which can be seen in little details like a bindi or bangles or chunni which we can never separate from. 

Fashion is not about wearing trendy clothes but it's about wearing something that feels like a part of you, something which is only yours and something which shows your unique identity. Hope you find your unique style. You have been a kind audience. Thank you


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Deependra Verma

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