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Speech on hobbies and interests for 1 minute for asl

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Good morning esteemed principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today, I will be speaking on the topic “hobbies and interests”. Hobbies and interests are the activities which a person indulges in in their free time. They are recreational activities from which people derive pleasure and happiness from, without any monetary benefit. Hobbies and interests provide us a break from our monotonous lives. Everyone should have a hobby for their mental and physical well being. Anything that gives you pleasure and calm is a hobby, may it be drawing, singing, playing music, collecting souvenirs, etc. Hobbies can also be productive. Like reading can broaden our knowledge or learning a new language or instrument can add to our skill. Hobbies help us explore and broaden our creative space. They help in building a person’s character. A life without hobbies and interests can be dull. To not have something which can relax us and make us happy can be sad. Everyone should have a hobby, to explore themselves and for their personal development. Thank you. 


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Deependra Verma

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