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Speech on students and politics in 300words?

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Politics and Students

The term politics is interpreted differently by different people. The term has several meanings. Politics can be defined as an act of participating in democratic sphere by voting, selecting representatives, participating in politics as a representative, convincing people to choose you over other representatives. It also means convincing people to vote for you by telling how you will work in favour of school, class and students.

A simple act of selecting a class monitor by voting of students, a subject incharge among students on the basis of who scored the highest marks, line incharge in class based on who is more disciplined are some criterias of giving  power to selected few. In this act there are certain criterias and behaviours that teacher wants to reinforce thus, there is clarity on who will be selected and why.. based on what factors.

Thus, in day to day life also students are engaging in politics by deciding who will be their friend, who will be not, by listening to monitor and teacher. By following class rules, by fulfilling criterias to pass the exam and becoming representatives all these are political act. Thus, politics is an inseparable activity from our everyday life. It is present in all aspect of student's life and school life. 

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Deependra Verma

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