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the character sketch of sher singh bahadur in 2 or 3 page plzzz help me its my project which i have 2 submit on 17 june 2014.................................

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Sher Singh is a brave young man. He manages to save his younger brother without the help of anyone. His younger brother's name was Kunwar. He was a jungle boy because he spent all his life in the Jungle. He has many siblings but they all died due to the disease called Influenza. When Kunwar felt ill his father was out of the expedition and his mother took care of animal farms. He had the courage to take his younger brother to the hospital which is around 50 km away from his village. He fought like a hero in saving his brother’s life. His life was full of challenges towards his brother. He was a very Hardworking boy. He was 12 years old. He likes challenges and he faces the challenges like a hero as he was very courageous. Sher Singh is one of those who was not only brave but was responsible towards his brother at the age of 12 which was amazing and commendable.

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Deependra Verma

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