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These days elders are neglected. Explain why it happens and solution for the same.

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The elder people feel lonely and neglected as mannier times, they have their own children and grandchildren who don’t focus on them. They are occupied in their personal lives. Older people are at a sensitive and tender age where the smallest of the things affect them. Because they have lived more than half of their own lives, they might not have work or be busy with work. Some don’t have companionship of a life partner or friendship of friends, so they seek comfort from family. If they don't get attention from them, they end up feeling lonely. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, humans are a species who need companionship to survive. 

Elder people have helped rear their children into good humans and supported them in their young age. Now they are at an age where they need support from their children. Their children are everything to them. Now if the children don’t keep their parents at priority, then it hurts their sentiments. They need to be looked after, and feel wanted than to be a burden for their children. 

No matter how busy our lives are, we should set our priorities straight. Our family should be our priority. We should devote our time to elder people, so they can unburden themselves by talking and passing time with you. Children should respect their own grandparents and neighbourly uncles. Children are the light of happiness for elder people. We should engage with them by taking them to places they want to visit, to family shopping and dinners etc. We should encourage them to take up hobbies so they can pass time and be productive at the same time. 

In short, we should help out our elders because that is your future. If you are unhelping today, then in your old age, you will be abandoned the same way you have neglected and abandoned your elders.


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Deependra Verma

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