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Thing that we can do for development in rural india and our villages in 500 words

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India is divided into two parts, urban areas, and rural areas. Urban areas are known as towns and metropolitan cities while on the other hand rural areas known as the villages are the secluded areas in the countries. Thus villages come in the category of rural areas. It is said to be an underdeveloped area in comparison with the Urban area. Urban area and rural area both of them have a special type of characteristics which we have to acknowledge and address, one cannot exist without the other. There are some things which help to develop the rural areas by developing infrastructure such as schools, colleges, Shopping malls, roads, and Hospitals, etc. We know that the large people of rural areas are from farmers background so that there should be a relaxation to the farmers by our government for their survival and many children don’t take education by going school So that government should make the schools in their area so that they interact with the children of their age in the schools and take education as a priority. Making free food available to children is helps to reduce child labor and child abuse. They will learn to socialize and will get an opportunity to come out of their home and stay in school. Slowly, when parents understand that children are safe in school, they are eating for free, getting education free of cost. They are becoming healthier and have a chance at making their life better. Their parents slowly start understanding the importance of education and make their children’s life better. There should be proper maintenance of roads as there are so many difficulties faced by the people of rural areas. Due to which many children are unable to reach school in the monsoon and rainy season with no means of transport. Thus, building infrastructure is the first step to ensure schools are accessible to children. Thus, many small and big things can be done for the development of rural areas such as opening clinics and hospitals for poor people and giving them free treatment to save their life. 

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